East Greenland

East Greenland Photo Tour takes you to one of the most isolated areas in Greenland and offers fantastic possibilities for photographing. This is the tour for the serious landscape and wildlife enthusiast who’s willing to go back in time and explore the Arctic, to travel off the beaten track and sacrifice comfort for the opportunity to get amazing imagery.

On this photo tour, you’ll have the options of photographing icebergs at the size of skyscrapers, steep mountains which fall into the sea, deep fjords, floating icebergs, glaciers, sledge dogs, whales, the Northern Lights and the culture and settlements of Greenland. We have scheduled the expedition in September to have the chance of capturing the Northern Lights. The settlement Tasiilaq will be our “base camp” during the tour, and each day we travel and explore new locations on a boat, such as glaciers, fjords and other settlements in East Greenland. Each location has its own unique photographic scenery.

The primary occupation of the natives is fishing and seal hunting. People have indeed lived in East Greenland for certain periods during the last several thousand years but the period when the area is ice-bound and the wide belt of field ice, that lasts throughout the spring and summer, have made this area very isolated – both from the rest of Greenland and the world at large. The first Europeans came to this area only just over a hundred years ago, and this separation from the rest of the country is clearly reflected in the language and culture of the region.

Photographing icebergs at the size of skyscrapers, floating icebergs, sled dogs, whales and deep fjords.
Visit the fjord Sermilik, the most interesting places in Eastern Greenland.
Exploring the Knud Rasmussen Glacier, a large and scenic glacier.
Great locations to view and photograph the Aurora Borealis

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