Lake Hagavatn and Langjökull glacier

Lake Hagavatn is a lake fed by streams from Langjökull glacier more specific, Vestari-Hagafellsjökull glacier and Eystri-Hagafellsjökull glacier. Located on the south side of Langjökull glacier it is one of two such lakes connected with Langjökull. The other one is Hvítárvatn. The main characteristic for these lakes is the milky color and, as sometimes is the case, icebergs falling into the lake from the glacier tongue, this does not happen anymore at lake Hagavatn due to climate change and how far the glacier has retreated. Lake Hagavatn empties through the river called Far into another lake, Lake Sandvatn. There are couple of waterfalls in Far river, called Nýifoss and Leynifoss.